Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

W. C. Scully

Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer, by W. C. Scully - click to see full size image

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Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer is an autobiographical book by W. C. Scully, one of South Africa's best-known authors, first published in 1913. The author lived there for around forty-five years. Beginning with his childhood in Ireland and his immigration to Cape Town when he was around eleven years old, he writes about big-game hunting, the town natives, and his subsequent travels around South Africa, as well as being one of the first ones to take advantage of the discovery of gold and diamonds in the country. In later life, Scully was appointed to investigate war crimes by the British forces during the Boer War.

This book has 61,371 words, 101 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1913.

Production notes: This ebook of Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer was published by Global Grey on the 18th December 2019 and updated on the 2nd October 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'City Hall, Cape Town 1917' by Robert Gwelo Goodman.

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