Book: The Priapeia
Author: Richard Francis Burton and L. C. Smithers

The Priapeia By Richard Francis Burton and L. C. Smithers

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Pages (PDF): 145
Publication Date: 1890

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The Priapeia is a collection of ninety-five poems about the phallic god Priapus. It was compiled from literary works and inscriptions on images of the god by an unknown editor, who composed the introductory epigram. In the 19th century, the Priapeia were translated into English by Leonard Smithers and Richard Francis Burton, who provided numerous notes concerning the sexual practices that are referenced in the poems. These explanatory notes address such topics as irrumation, cunnilingus, masturbation, bestiality, sexual positions, eunuchism, phalli, religious prostitution, aphrodisiacs, pornography, and sexual terminology.