Book: Mimicry, and Other Protective Resemblances Among Animals
Author: Alfred Russel Wallace

Mimicry, and Other Protective Resemblances Among Animals By Alfred Russel Wallace

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 66
Publication Date: 1867

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Chapters include: Importance of the Principle of Utility; Popular Theories of Colour in Animals; Importance of Concealment as Influencing Colour; Special Modifications of Colour; Theory of Protective Colouring; Objection that Colour, as being dangerous, should not exist in Nature; Mimicry; Mimicry among Lepidoptera; Lepidoptera mimicking other Insects; Mimicry among Beetles; Beetles mimicking other Insects; Insects mimicking Species of other Orders; Cases of Mimicry among the Vertebrata; Mimicry among Snakes; Mimicry among Birds; Mimicry among Mammals; and more.

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