Book: Leatherface, A Tale of Old Flanders
Author: Baroness Orczy

Leatherface, A Tale of Old Flanders By Baroness Orczy

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Pages (PDF): 302
Publication Date: 1916

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From the Prologue: 'It lacked two hours before the dawn on this sultry night early in September. The crescent moon had long ago sunk behind a bank of clouds in the west, and not a sound stirred the low-lying land around the besieged city. To the south the bivouac fires of Alva's camp had died out one by one, and here the measured tread of the sentinels on their beat alone broke the silence of the night. To the north, where valorous Orange with a handful of men--undisciplined, unpaid and rebellious--vainly tried to provoke his powerful foe into a pitched battle, relying on God for the result, there was greater silence still.'