Karezza, Ethics of Marriage

Alice B. Stockham

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Karezza, Ethics of Marriage is a book by Alice B. Stockham, first published in 1896. She was one of the first women medical school graduates in the USA and wrote a very popular book on women's reproductive health, which was translated into several languages. This later work, Karezza, elucidates 'a theory of conjugal life, in which there is a love communion between husband and wife from which results a mastery of the physical.' As a principled Quaker deeply troubled by the prevalence of unplanned pregnancies among her patients, she advocated for controlled intimacy as a means to curtail irresponsible procreation and nurture spiritual enlightenment. Stockham was prosecuted under the Comstock laws (aimed to suppress materials deemed obscene or immoral) due to her advocacy and promotion of birth control methods, particularly her writings on controlled intercourse and contraception. Stockham's work, particularly this book, fell afoul of these laws' stringent censorship provisions.

This book has 20,993 words, 41 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1896. This second edition was first published in 1903.

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