Book: Is the Devil a Myth?
Author: C. F. Wimberly

Is the Devil a Myth? By C. F. Wimberly

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Pages (PDF): 114
Publication Date: 1913

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From the Preface: 'The title of this book is a question, and one by no means strained, if considered from the view-point of modern thought. We have undertaken an answer. If by reason and revelation we can arrive at a satisfactory conclusion, the gain thereby cannot be overestimated. If the personality of Satan can be successfully consigned to the religious junk pile, our Bible is at once thrown into a jumble of contradictions and inconsistencies. The result will be even worse than our enemies claim for it now. One of the late recognized writers on the Old Testament says: “The Old Testament is no longer considered valuable among scholars as a sacred oracle, but it is valuable in that it is the history of a people.” If the Devil is a Myth, our Bible can be nothing better than historical chaos.'