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Indian Why Stories

Frank B.Linderman

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A collection of Native American stories. Chapters include: Why The Chipmunk's Back Is Striped; How The Ducks Got Their Fine Feathers; Why The Kingfisher Always Wears A War-Bonnet; Why The Curlew S Bill Is Long And Crooked; Old-Man Remarks The World; Why Blackfeet Never Kill Mice; How The Otter Skin Became Great "Medicine"; Old-Man Steals The Sun's Leggings; Old-Man And His Conscience; Old-Man's Treachery; Why The Night-Hawk's Wings Are Beautiful; Why The Mountain-Lion Is Long And Lean; The Fire-Leggings; The Moon And The Great Snake; Why The Deer Has No Gall; Why Indians Whip The Buffalo-Berries From The Bushes; Old-Man And The Fox; Why The Birch-Tree Wears The Slashes In Its Bark; Mistakes Of Old-Man; How The Man Found His Mate; Dreams; and, Retrospection.

This book has 85 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1915.

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