Book: The Human Atmosphere
Author: Walter J. Kilner

The Human Atmosphere By Walter J. Kilner

Format: Global Grey free PDF
Pages (PDF): 256
Publication Date: 1920

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With 67 diagrams. Walter Kilner was the first to use the term 'human aura' in a medical context. Using specially developed filters, he believed that he could view a luminous field surrounding any human being. In this text, he describes dozens of case studies where he used the color and shape of the aura to perform medical diagnosis. Today the human aura is still considered speculative, in spite of the striking images produced by techniques such as Kirilian photography.Acupuncture is based on a map of internal channels of energy in the body, unknown to western science. So it is not so far fetched that there might be some kind of unknown energy field which encompasses the human body, and if so, it might be used for medical purposes.