Book: How to Control Fate Through Suggestion
Author: Henry Harrison Brown

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion By Henry Harrison Brown

Format: Global Grey free PDF
Pages (PDF): 33
Publication Date: 1906

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From the Introduction: 'Some of the matter of these Essays has appeared in various journals and more especially in the Suggester and Thinker. It is here collected, revised, extended, improved, and put into a permanent shape for study. In its previous form, it attracted considerable attention and won much appreciation. This volume contains the most important knowledge man can possess, i. e., knowledge of the Power to control his own Destiny. In his own life and that of many others, the author has seen the demonstration of this Power. The reader has but to follow the instructions herein laid down to reach that condition of realization which Jesus knew when he affirmed: 'I and my Father are ONE.''