Book: How to Control Fate Through Suggestion
Author: Henry Harrison Brown

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion By Henry Harrison Brown

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 46
Publication Date: 1906

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Unity of nature is now the basic thought in science and in the new Philosophy. The ancient and child-man thought duality. This conception, which from earliest times has dominated the conceptions of man, has passed from the mind of the present thinker. With it must pass all the old conceptions of man and nature. With these conceptions, must also ultimately pass the customs, laws and theologies based upon the unscientific, primitive conception of nature as duality.

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This conception of unity, as opposed to that of duality, is destined by evolution to work a revolution whose import it is now impossible to over-estimate.

Half Science.

Our science has not been half science, even since Darwin and Spencer gave it the key to all the knowledge which comes to the soul from the external consciousness by observation and reasoning. Darwin gave man his first true conception of the world without himself. The survival, in greater or less degree, of the idea of dualism in the scientific mind and in philosophic speculation, has so colored investigation that constantly there has arisen from it the idea of limitation, division, antagonism, contest, struggle, etc. This conception of duality has either been present or has been introduced as explanation in much scientific reasoning and, in the most independent minds, it has at least been recognized as a fact of nature. This conception is so false that the New and Coming Philosophy will bear the same relation to the old as the child does to the man.


It is safe to say that this conception of an all-pervading Unity is destined to work a change in thought and life greater than that wrought by Copernicus when he "changed the front of the universe," or by Jesus, when he lifted philosophy from Force to Love. Darwin and his co-workers not only threw miracle and supernatural into law, but they did more; they destroyed duality and, though this thought has been constantly permeating the common mind, it has been overlooked by philosophers. But common sense has joined unconsciously with the demonstrations of science and made mind and matter into one unity. The result of this can be only dimly foreseen. But this I prophesy:---in future, man will look within himself and not without, as now, for knowledge and direction---will find the universe in himself and not, as now, himself in the universe. This is the greatest change of front man has ever made. It is revolution, but until he makes it he is neither true nor free.

Tendency of Thought

This tendency of thought is seen in every new work in philosophy and in every new deduction of science. Few are there who dare to follow out to the end logical conclusions, or are free to give to the world the clearest light of their reasoning. Professor W. J. Powell, of the government ethnological bureau, has recently published a work which is destined to rank high in the future for its insight and its reasoning on the Oneness of nature. Professor McGee, in reviewing the book in The Forum, says of Prof. Powell: "Accepting the observed unity of matter and motion, Powell is able to escape that besetting dualism that has clung to the human mind ever since the sylvan savage first noticed front and rear, this side and that side."

"This observed unity" is the basis of reasoning and of life in Soul Culture. Soul Culture is, therefore, that coming thing which is neither religion nor science, but is the union of the two, Soul being the religious side, and Culture being the scientific side of the thought. Its first affirmation is Unity. This affirmation is constantly repeated until it becomes the instinctive thought, to solve all problems of life.

One--- Something.

All is One---Something! The name is of no consequence. I would not quarrel with one who would say Brahm, God, Force, or any other term that to him meant Unity. I find it more acceptable to say,---All is Spirit. What Spirit is, can be answered only by saying: Spirit is All and All is to consciousness only differing manifestations of Spirit.


There are not two forces, two antagonistic somethings, warring in nature for mastery. These two things have heretofore been in the mind balanced. Some of these warring mental twins are God and Devil, angels and demons, men and women, spirit and body, mind and matter, matter and motion, matter and spirit, good and evil, health and disease, life and death---as separate entities. These are two only to the child-man, who reasons from appearances, but to him who looks at cause they will ever be manifestations of the One. There are no double standards. One reigns forever, and that one is Mind or Spirit--- omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Cause being One, there can be only harmony. There can he no antagonism; no struggle; no contest; no evil; no wrong; no progress. There can be only manifestation of the One in harmony and in purpose, or it would be self-destructive and there would in time be not even One.