Book: The Great Art
Author: Antoine-Joseph Pernety

The Great Art By Antoine-Joseph Pernety

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Pages (PDF): 194
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A system of physics according to hermetic philosophy and theory and practice of the magisterium. From the Preface: 'UNDER the auspices of the "Universite Libre des Hautes Etudes" of Paris, a Branch of which has recently been established in America, we publish the first volume of a series of classical works whose study constitutes the foundation of the teaching of the "Faculte des Sciences Hermetiques. It is not without reason that we have chosen Pernety to inaugurate this series. Of the three thousand volumes composing the bibliography of ALCHEMY, those of Dom Antoine-Joseph Pernety are the only ones in which the theories of the Artificers are exposed with method: he is the first and only writer who has endeavored to present a short, concise and complete system of the Magnum Opus.' Includes a list of Alchemical symbols.