Book: The Grand Grimoire with the Great Clavicle of Solomon
Author: Unknown

The Grand Grimoire with the Great Clavicle of Solomon By Unknown

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Pages (PDF): 48
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Fully illustrated. The Grand Grimoire With the Powerful Clavicle of Solomon, and Black Magic; or, The Infernal Devices of the Great Agrippa for the Discovery of all Hidden Treasures and the Subjugation of every denomination of Spirits; together with an abridgement of all the Magical Arts.

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This Book is so rare and sought after in our country it has been called, by our Rabbis, the true Great Work. They were the ones who left us this precious original that many charlatans uselessly wanted to counterfeit, attempting to imitate the truth that they never found, in order to swindle ingenuous individuals who have faith in initial encounters without seeking their true Source.

This manuscript has been copied from various writings of the great King Solomon. This great king spent all of his days in the most difficult search and in the most obscure and unexpected secrets. In the end he succeeded in all of his endeavors and he reached his goal of penetrating the most profound dwelling of the spirits, whom he obliged to obey him by the power of his talisman, the clavicle, since who else but this powerful genius would have dared bring to light the thundering words that he made use of to constrain the rebel spirits to his will, having penetrated up to the celestial beings to learn more thoroughly the secrets and the powerful words that have the force of a terrible and respected God? This great King discovered the secrets of which the great Divinity made use, and then enabled us to understand the influence of the stars, the constellation of the planets. To prepare the fulminating (or Conjurer’s) rod, with its effects which make the spirits tremble and of which God made use of to arm the angel who expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden; with which God struck down the Rebel Angels, precipitating their pride (or imagination) into the most horrendous abyss. With the power of this rod clouds are formed, hurricanes are dispersed and one can make them fall on the part of the earth that one desires.


Weak men and mortals! Tremble at your temerity when you blindly think that you possess such a profound science. You are taking your spirit beyond its spheres. Learn from me that before undertaking this work it is necessary to be steadfast, constant and most careful to observe exactly, point by point, everything that I will tell you (without which) everything would rebound to your disadvantage, confusion and total loss. If, to the contrary, you comply exactly that which I tell you, you will leave behind your baseness and indigence and you will have full success in all of your enterprises.

Arm yourselves then with intrepidation, prudence and virtuosity in order to succeed at this great and immense task, at which I have spent 67 years working day and night. To succeed at this great goal it is necessary to do exactly that which I will hereby indicate.



You will pass a quarter of a month abstaining from the company of the opposite sex, so as to not fall into impurity.

Begin the quarter of a month by promising to the great ADONAY, who is the leader of all of the spirits to have two meals a day every 24 hours of the above-mentioned quarter month, during which you will eat at midday and midnight, or at seven in the morning and seven in the evening, reciting the following prayer before dining for this entire period. The manner in which one can make any sort of spirit appear, reciting the great invocation that you will find in this book. So also, the true method of preparation.


"I implore you, O great and powerful ADONAY, head of all spirits. I implore you O ELOHIM I implore you O JEHOVA, O great King ADONAY, condescend to be favorable. So it shall be. Amen.”

Then eat your meals, and don’t undress, and sleep as little as possible for the prescribed quarter of a month, continually thinking of your undertaking and putting all of your faith and hope in the infinite good of the Great ADONAY.

The second day of this period, you will buy a bloodstone called Ematille from the druggist and you will always carry it with you and it will preserve you from all fears and worries since the spirit that you intend to bring into your servitude will do all that he can to dissuade you from your undertaking, believing with these means to liberate himself and thereby break the twines of the net that you begin to fasten around him. This. project must be undertaken only by one other person, including the Karcist, (the one who must speak to the spirit), keeping in his hand the fulminating wand.