The Golden Mountain

Meyer Levin

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This is a collection of tales of the Eastern European Hassidic Jews, centering on the holy men Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlaw. Whilst having elements of folk tales, these magical stories of the Hassidic rabbis are also encoded with deeper spiritual levels of meaning and traditions. Stories include: Before He Was Born; Israel and the Enemy; The Book of Mysteries; The Secret Marriage; The Bride in her Grave; Rabbi Israel and the Sorcerer; Two Souls; The Standing Sheep; The Mad Dancers; Rabbi Israel and the Horse; The Burning Tree; The Water-Spirit; The Rich Man; The Trial of Rabbi Gershon; Rabbi Israel's Daughter; Prayer; Thrice He Laughed; The Burning of the Torah; The Boy's Song; The Wandering in Heaven; The Prophecy of the New Year; The False Messiah; The Holy Land; His Torah; After the Death; The Book of Mysteries; The Dynasty; The Lost Princess; The Broken Betrothal; The Cripple; The Bull and the Ram; The Prince; The Spider and the Fly; The Rabbi's Son; The Sage and the Simpleton; The King's Son and the Servant's Son; The Wind that Overturned the World; and, The Seven Beggars.

This book has 184 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1932. This book is in the public domain because the copyright wasn't renewed on time.

Production notes: This ebook of The Golden Mountain was published by Global Grey on the 12th July 2018.

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