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The Golden Chain of Homer

Anton Kirchweger

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The Golden Chain of Homer, in its various forms and editions, is perhaps one of the most descriptive and least ambiguous manuscripts on alchemical lore and the early explanations given during the late Renaissance and early Enlightenment periods regarding chemical and earthly processes. Less concerned with celestial and angelic symbolism and more focused on outright experimentation, it covers the processes of fixation, putrefaction, and generation in far more depth than most works of the era.

This book has 56 pages in the PDF version.

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Excerpt from 'The Golden Chain of Homer'

Thus God created first this invisible fire and endowed it with an unerring Instinct and a Capacity to manifest itself in 3 Principles.

1. In its Original most Universal state it is perfectly invisible, immaterial, cold and occupies no space, in this tranquil state it is of no use to us, yet in this unmoved state it is omnipresent. 

2. In its second state it is manifested by motion or agitation into light. In this state it was separated out of the Chaos, when God said, "Let there be Light." Yet it is still cold. When gently moved or agitated, it manifests warmth and Heat, as in the case in all Frictions and in Fermentation of moist things. 

3. When collected in a sufficient quantity, and violently agitated it is manifested into burning fire. This continues burning as long as it is agitated, and has a fit subject to act upon; when that fails, it returns to its first state of tranquil Universality. In the character of burning fire it manifests Light and Heat. Thus, 

(a) we say in its first most Universal state it is perfectly invisible and immaterial. 

(b) In its second state of manifestation it is visible in Light, but remains cold and immaterial. 

(c) In its third state of Heat and burning fire it is visible, hot or burning, and becomes somewhat material as it occupies Room or Space whilst in this State. 

You have seen how 3 distinct powers of the Universal Spirit, but it possesses still more and even some inconceivable powers.We have told you that the Universal spirit endowed with an unerring Instinct, working by the most simple and nearest way, it has, also, besides its already mentioned conspicuous qualities, two occult powers, viz: attracting and repulsing, and these two powers are inconceivably great! 

We see various instances of it in Thunder and Lightning, in Earthquakes, Hurricanes and in the surprising effects of Gunpowder.

When God created this Universal fire, He gave it a power to become material, that is to become Vapour, Humidity, water and earth, although that fire in its own Universal Nature, is, and remains centrally the same.

Thus you see the Beginning of the 4 Elements, viz 

(1) burning fire; Vapour or Humidity mixed with Cold fire constitutes atmospheric air,

(2) air, which still more condensed becomes water,

(3) and water inspissated becomes earth. 

Originally it was but one Element Fire.

Thus the Universal fire became a Vapour of immense Extent, which by further inspissation became chaotic water, and out of this Chaotic Water the Creator separated the Light, that is: separated the Universal invisible fire into Light. Thus we see here that Universal, at first invisible fire manifested in two Principles, Light and Humidity!

Therefore out of Light and water, God has created all Things.

 Water was the first condensation or corporification of the Universal fire, which water nevertheless in its center was, and remains fire, full of life and activity, and the more so, as it was assisted by its Equal, the Light, separated out of it, as much as was necessary for the creating of all immaterial and material Beings, and in success of time for their maintenance.

Of the separated Light we have spoken before, we have now to consider its first body Humidity or water. This water differs it regard to Rarefaction or Density; if Rarefied to a certain Degree it constitutes air, that is fire predominating above water, but if condensed to a degree it becomes Humid water, or Humidity predominating above fire.

Nevertheless, in both, that is in their Center lays concealed fire or the Universal spirit.

As soon as the air gets deprived of its Universal fire, which animates it and renders it elastic, it becomes immediately putrid, and thereby declines lower down, becomes Humidity, mud, earth and immoveable; it is the same case with water when deprived of fire, or of animated air, it becomes putride, condenses still further and becomes earth, immoveable.

God has ordained it so that the Universal spirit by means of Humidity should work all things, because Humidity mixes easily with everything, by means of which the spirit can soften, penetrate, generate. destroy and regenerate all things.

Thus Humidity or water is the Body, the Vehicle and Tool, but the spirit or fire is the Operator, the Universal Agent and fabricator of all Natural Things.

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