Godfrey Morgan: A Californian Mystery

Jules Verne

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Godfrey Morgan: A Californian Mystery is the twenty-second book in the Extraordinary Voyages series, by French author Jules Verne. First published in 1882, it tells the story of Godfrey Morgan, a wealthy young man who embarks on a round the world trip. The story kicks off with the auction of Spencer Island by the US Government, drawing the attention of two wealthy bidders: William W. Kolderup and his rival J. R. Taskinar. Kolderup emerges as the victor, sparking resentment from Taskinar. Meanwhile, Godfrey, Kolderup's nephew, harbors affection for Phina, Kolderup's god-daughter. Before pursuing marriage with Phina, Godfrey embarks on a global journey, sponsored by his uncle. However, fate intervenes when Godfrey's voyage takes a perilous turn, leading to a shipwreck and his subsequent isolation on a deserted island with his mentor, Tartlet. Stranded, they must adapt, fend off threats, and navigate challenges together. Their solitude is interrupted by the arrival of Carefinotu, an African slave whom Godfrey rescues. Through their trials, Godfrey undergoes profound personal growth, discovering resilience, self-reliance, and courage. Ultimately, they are rescued and returned to civilization, where Godfrey reunites with Phina, and they plan to marry and continue their adventures together.

№ 22 in the Extraordinary Voyages series.

This book has 56,155 words, 112 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1882. The translator of this edition is unknown.

Production notes: This ebook of Godfrey Morgan: A Californian Mystery was published by Global Grey in 2020, and updated on the 11th April 2024. The artwork used for the cover is 'Summer. Kjelsøy' by Thorvald Erichsen.

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