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English Fairy Tales

Flora Annie Steel

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A collection of 41 English fairy tales by Flora Annie Steel, first published in 1922. Fairy tales include: St. George Of Merrie England; The Story Of The Three Bears; Tom-Tit-Tot; The Golden Snuff-Box; Tattercoats; The Three Feathers; Lazy Jack; Jack The Giant-Killer; The Three Sillies; The Golden Ball; The Two Sisters; The Laidly Worm; Titty Mouse And Tatty Mouse; Jack And The Beanstalk; The Black Bull Of Norroway; Catskin; The Three Little Pigs; Nix Naught Nothing; Mr. And Mrs. Vinegar; The True History Of Sir Thomas Thumb; Henny-Penny; The Three Heads Of The Well; Mr. Fox; Dick Whittington And His Cat; The Old Woman And Her Pig; The Wee Bannock; How Jack Went Out To Seek His Fortune; The Bogey-Beast; Little Red Riding-Hood; Childe Rowland; The Wise Men Of Gotham; Caporushes; The Babes In The Wood; The Red Ettin; The Fish And The Ring; Lawkamercyme; Master Of All Masters; Molly Whuppie And The Double-Faced Giant; The Ass, The Table, And The Stick; The Well Of The World's End; and, The Rose Tree.

This book has 241 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1922.

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