Book: Dynamic Thought
Author: Henry Thomas Hamblin

Dynamic Thought By Henry Thomas Hamblin

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 137
Publication Date: 1923

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The essence of Hamblin's mystical experience and philosophy was of the omnipresence, omnipotence and all-goodness of God. He believed that abounding health, sufficiency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and joy indescribable are the normal state for man., and that, to achieve this state, man needed to come into harmony with Cosmic Law.

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I want you to realize:

That within you are infinite power and possibilities.

That the inward Power can be aroused and brought into expression by holding high ideals in the mind and by affirmations and meditation.

That it is necessary to spend a short time in the Unseen both night and morning.

That by so doing you can enter a super-conscious realm where your word is creative.

That what you speak comes to pass, that what you mentally picture must come true.

That it is only by following high ideals that true success can be achieved.

Therefore, picture a higher life--the highest you can conceive, and affirm that it is yours. Remember that this higher life is without sickness, disease, forward with joy--you can never fail.

THE objects of this course are: (1) To alter your mental attitude, and (2) To direct your thoughts into those channels which lead to success, achievement, health, happiness and perfect good; (3) The arousing of the inward POWER, and (4) The overcoming of bad habits; (5) The building up of character, and (6) The discovery and development of the creative faculty.

How these are accomplished will be explained to you in their proper place and at the proper time, but first of all I want you to consider, thoughtfully, what is before you. It is not exactly an easy road which you have chosen. No path that leads upward ever is. The path of victory is always thorny; but when the thorns hurt the feet most, we can console ourselves with the thought that the path really does lead somewhere, and we know definitely that it leads to Success, Achievement, Happiness and Satisfaction. Difficulties there will be, disappointments, failures and set-backs, but to him who sets his face towards the light, and will keep steadily onward, there must come success and accomplishment and victory, above all expectation.

If now you merely read this and pass on, the amount of good that it will do you will be none at all. This course is useless if you do not "do" it, reading it will do you little or no good, it is the doing of it that will change your character and your life.

Therefore, stop now and think carefully over the path that lies before you; estimate its difficulties, do not think lightly of them, be prepared for difficulty, and make up your mind, here and now, to conquer.

You may have failed in the past, but this time you must, you will, and you shall overcome every difficulty and weakness, and achieve dominion over yourself, victory over your circumstances and complete control over your life.


Now close your eyes, and mentally picture yourself, radiant, strong, successful, happy, full of the joy and zest of life. See yourself treading a path that leads ever upwards. Behind you the air is murky and gloomy, but in front is increasing brightness and loveliness. See yourself progressing, climbing, winning. See yourself trampling old habits and weaknesses under your feet. See yourself meeting difficulties in your path, and see yourself, sustained by a mighty inward power, brushing all obstructions aside, and never faltering in your upward climb.

Concentrate with all your powers upon this mental imagery. Persevere until you can see yourself radiant, sublime, shorn of all weaknesses and imperfections, the perfect image of your perfect self. See yourself full of vitality and health, see yourself successful, attracting both people and affluence to you. Make a concrete, sharply defined image in your mind of yourself as you desire to be; see yourself master of circumstances, attracting all good things by the power of your mental forces.


In other words, by mental imagery you are creating your future self. You will gradually grow into the likeness of the image that you are now creating. Therefore create the right image. Let your ambition be a high one; do not picture yourself as a common man, satisfied with vulgar pleasures, instead, create a perfect man, the most perfect of which you can conceive.

In the same way when you throw your mind forward and foresee the task before you and "will" that all difficulties shall be overcome, and that if you get weary of well doing, you will not give up but will persevere, and arouse fresh interest in the task of self culture and achievement, then you are already winning the battle in advance, you are making your ultimate success doubly sure.

I want you to realize that this journey of yours is not a walk over, I want you to understand that it is a fight all the way, but at the same time to realize that it is a winning fight all the time; for although difficulties are real, yet you have within you the Powers which make difficulties and obstacles melt away. Great and omnipotent is the Power within you. Nothing can stay your upward climb, there is nobody who can prevent you succeeding except yourself; there is nothing that can stop your progress but your own doubt and fear. All things are possible if you believe that they are possible.