The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

H. P. Lovecraft

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, by H. P. Lovecraft - click to see full size image

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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath is a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. It was completed on January 22, 1927 but wasn't published until 1943. It tells the story of Randolph Carter, who dreams three times of a majestic sunset city, but each time is abruptly snatched away before he can see it up close. He prays to the gods of dream to reveal the whereabouts of the phantasmal city, but they do not answer, and his dreams of the city stop altogether.

This book has 101 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1943.

Production notes: This ebook of The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath was published by Global Grey in 2018.

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