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Dracula by Bram Stoker is a classic Gothic novel that was first published in 1897. The story is presented in an epistolary format, consisting of letters, diary entries, newspaper articles, and ship logs. The novel revolves around the character of Count Dracula, a centuries-old vampire from Transylvania, who seeks to spread the undead curse to England. The novel unfolds through a series of letters, diary entries, and newspaper articles written by various characters. The narrative begins with Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor, traveling to Transylvania to assist Dracula in a real estate transaction. However, Harker soon realizes that he is a prisoner in Dracula's castle. As the story progresses, Dracula travels to England, where he sets his sights on Mina, Harker's fiancée, and her friend Lucy. Lucy becomes a victim of Dracula's bite, leading her friends and loved ones to join forces in a desperate attempt to save her. The group, including Professor Van Helsing, races against time to stop Dracula and prevent his evil influence from spreading further. Dracula's seductive and charismatic nature, combined with the eerie atmosphere of his castle and the suspenseful chase across Europe, has made Dracula a timeless work that continues to captivate readers and influence popular culture. Stoker's portrayal of vampires in Dracula has had a profound impact on the genre, shaping the image of vampires in literature and film for generations to come.

№ 18 in the 100 Best 19th Century British and Irish Novels.

№ 19 in 20 Classic Books You Must Read Before You Die.

№ 31 in The Guardian's 100 Best Novels Written In English.

This book has 161,232 words, 235 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1897.

Production notes: This ebook of Dracula was published by Global Grey in 2018, and updated on the 24th January 2024. The artwork used for the cover is 'Dracula' - AI generated image.

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