Book: The Countess of Charny
Author: Alexandre Dumas

The Countess of Charny By Alexandre Dumas

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 212
Publication Date: 1853–1855

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This is the fourth volume in The Marie Antoinette Romances. The Countess de Charny begins where Storming the Bastille leaves off after the attack on Versailles and the Royal family is "escorted" back to Paris by that same mob and are installed in residence at the Tuileries Palace, while the various factions of the National Assembly sort out the politics and fate of the Royal Family going forward. Gilbert returns as a royalist trying to keep Louis on the throne, albeit without absolute power, and the ever mysterious Count Cagliostro (formerly known as Balsamo) plots with the Freemasons to manipulate the revolution to a higher level.