Book: Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair
Author: William Morris

Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair By William Morris

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 140
Publication Date: 1895

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Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair, set in the forested land of Oakenrealm, was Morris' reimagining and recasting of the medieval Lay of Havelock the Dane, with his displaced royal heirs Christopher and Goldilind standing in for the original story's Havelock and Goldborough. In contrast to his source, Morris emphasizes the romantic aspect of the story, giving a prominent place to the heroine's misfortunes and bringing to the forefront the love story between her and the hero; the warfare by which the hero regains his heritage is relegated to a secondary role. Also unlike both the source and most of Morris's other fantasies, there is little or no supernatural element in this version of the story.

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