Book: The Book of Nature Myths
Author: Florence Holbrook

The Book of Nature Myths By Florence Holbrook

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 124
Publication Date: 1904

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A selection of tales from around the world. From the Preface: 'IN preparing the Book of Nature Myths the desire has been to make a second reader which would be adapted to the child's interest, ability, and progress. The subject-matter is of permanent value, culled from the folk-lore of the primitive races; the vocabulary, based upon that of the Hiawatha Primer, is increased gradually, and the new words and phrases will add to the child's power of expression. The naive explanations of the phenomena of nature given by the primitive races appeal to the child's wonder about the same phenomena, and he is pleased and interested. These myths will gratify the child's desire for complete stories, and their intrinsic merit makes them valuable for oral reproduction.'

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