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Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year By James Allen

Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year

James Allen

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This book has 119 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1913.


James Allen's Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year, was first published in 1913, one year after the author's death. It consists of a collection of earlier texts and was compiled by Allen's wife. Taken from the Preface: 'Many of the Meditations were written as he came down from the Cairn in the early morning, where he spent those precious hours alone with God while the world slept. Others are gleaned from his many writings, published and unpublished, and are arranged for daily readings at his request, and, we believe, under his spiritual guidance. The book must ever be a stronghold of Spiritual Truth and blessing to all who read it, and especially to those who use it for daily meditation. Its great power lies in that it is the very heart of a good man who lived every word he wrote.'

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Production notes: This edition of Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year was published by Global Grey ebooks on the 6th April 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'Independence' by Frank Blackwell Mayer.

Random Piece of Information: A while back, I started listening to the radio (on the internet) for the first time in years. For two weeks straight I would listen to it from the time I got up until early afternoon. I then decided to buy an actual radio. The day it arrived was the day my brain said - "naa, we're done with the radio now." I literally haven't listened to it since.

Thoughts whilst doing this book: One more chapter and I swear, I'll do some grout cleaning in the bathroom (spoiler - I didn't).

Excerpt from 'Book of Meditations for Every Day in the Year'

January First.

FREQUENTLY the man of passion is most eager to put others right; but the man of wisdom puts himself right. If one is anxious to reform the world, let him begin by reforming himself. The reformation of self does not end with the elimination of the sensual elements only; that is its beginning. It ends only when every vain thought and selfish aim is overcome. Short of perfect purity and wisdom, there is still some form of self-slavery or folly which needs to be conquered.

On the wings of aspiration man rises from earth to heaven, from ignorance to knowledge, from the under darkness to the upper light. Without it he remains a grovelling animal, earthly, sensual, unenlightened, and uninspired.

Aspiration is the longing for heavenly things.

Where is peace to be found! Where is the hiding-place of truth!

January Second.

LET first things be put first; work before play; duty before enjoyment; and others before self: this is an excellent rule which cannot lead astray. To make a right beginning is halfway to victory. The athlete who makes a bad start may lose his prize; the merchant who makes a false start may lose his reputation; and the Truth-seeker who makes a wrong start may forego the crown of Righteousness. To begin with pure thoughts, sterling rectitude, unselfish purpose, noble aims, and an incorruptible conscience—this is to start right - this it is to put first things first, so that all other things will follow in harmonious order, making life simple, beautiful, successful, and peaceful.

The soul will cry out for its lost heritage.

If one would find peace, he must come out of passion.

January Third.

SO long as animal conditions taste sweet to a man, he cannot aspire: he is so far satisfied; but when their sweetness turns to bitterness, then in his sorrow he thinks of nobler things. When he is deprived of earthly joy, he aspires to the joy which is heavenly. It is when impurity turns to suffering that purity is sought. Truly aspiration rises, phoenixlike, from the dead ashes of repentance, but on its powerful pinions man can reach the heaven of heavens.

The man of aspiration has entered the way which leads to peace; and surely he will reach that end if he stays not nor turns back. If he constantly renews his mind with glimpses of the heavenly vision, he will reach the heavenly state.

That which can be conceived can be achieved.

Our life is what we make it by our own thoughts and deeds.

January Fourth.

MAN attains in the measure that he aspires. His longing to be is the gauge of what he can be. To fix the mind is to fore-ordain the achievement. As man can experience and know all low things, so he can experience and know all high things. As he has become human, so he can become divine. The turning of the mind in high and divine directions is the sole and needful task.

What is impurity but the impure thoughts of the thinker? What is purity but the pure thoughts of the thinker? One man does not do the thinking of another. Each man is pure or impure of himself alone. The man of aspiration sees before him the pathway up the heavenly heights, and his heart already experiences a foretaste of the final peace.

There is a life of victory over sin, and triumph over evil.

When a man wishes and wills he can find the good and the true.

January Fifth.

THE Gates of Heaven are for ever open, and no one is prevented from entering by any will or power but his own; but no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven so long as he is enamoured of, and chooses, the seductions of hell, so long as he resigns himself to sin and sorrow.

There is a larger, higher, nobler, diviner life than that of sinning and suffering, which is so common—in which, indeed, nearly all are immersed—a life of victory over sin, and triumph over evil; a life wise and happy, benign and tranquil, virtuous and peaceful. This life can be found and lived now, and he who lives it is steadfast in the midst of change; restful among the restless; peaceful, though surrounded by strife.

Every moment is the time of choiceevery hour is destiny.

The lover of the pure life renews his mind daily.

January Sixth.

As the energetic man of business is not daunted by difficulties, but studies how to overcome them, so the man of ceaseless aspiration is not crushed into submission by temptations, but meditates how he may fortify his mind; for the tempter is like a coward, he only creeps in at weak and unguarded points. The tempted one should study thoughtfully the nature and meaning of temptation, for until it is known it cannot be overcome. He who is to overcome temptation must understand how it arises in his own darkness and error, and must study, by introspection and meditation, how to disperse the darkness and supplant error by truth.

A man must know himself if he is to know truth. Self-knowledge is the handmaid of self conquest.

Engage daily in holy meditation on Truth and its attainment.

As errors and impunities are revealed, purge them way.

January Seventh.

EVERY step upward means the leaving of something behind and below. The high is reached only at the sacrifice of the low. The good is secured only by abandoning the evil. Knowledge is acquired only by the destruction of ignorance. livery acquisition has its price, which must be paid "to the uttermost farthing." Every animal, every creeping thing, possesses some gift, so power, which man, in his upward march, has laid down, which he has exchanged for some higher gift, or power. What great good men forfeit by clinging to old selfish habits ! Behind every humble sacrifice a winged angel waits to bear us up the heights of knowledge and wisdom.

Let him who has attained guard against falling back. Let him be careful in little things, and be well fortified against the entrance of sin.

Aim, with ardour, for the attainment of a perfect life.

The strife of the world in all its forms has its origin in one common cause, namely, individual selfishness.

January Eighth.

ALL the varied activities of human life are rooted in, and draw their vitality from, one common source—the human heart. The cause of all suffering and all happiness resides, not in the outer activities of human life, but in the inner activities of the heart and mind; and every external agency is sustained by the life which it derives from human conduct.

The man who cannot endure to have his errors and shortcomings brought to the surface and made known, but tries to hide them, is unfit to walk the highway of Truth. He is not properly equipped to battle with and overcome temptation. He who cannot fearlessly face his lower nature cannot climb the rugged heights of renunciation.

Each man comes under the laws of his own being, never under the laws of another.

When the soul is most tried, its need is greatest.

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