The Book of Enoch the Prophet

Richard Laurence

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Richard Laurence's 1883 translation of the Book of Enoch; an ancient Jewish apocalyptic religious text, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. The book of Enoch is one of the strangest of the books left out of the Biblical canon. Filled with goetic angels and demons, and visions of inconceivable lands beyond the sky, writers have tied Enoch into everything from archaeoastronomy, Astrology, Alchemy, the Kabbalah, and Gnosticism. A later version of this book was the R. H. Charles translation of the Book of Enoch. This is the translation that many of the prominent 19th century esoteric scholars read, particularly Madam Blavatsky.

This book has 154 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1883.

Production notes: This ebook of The Book of Enoch the Prophet was published by Global Grey in 2019.

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