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The Biblical Antiquities of Philo

Montague Rhodes James

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The Biblical Antiquities of Philo (also called 'Pseudo-Philo') is a work that was attributed to the Jewish writer Philo Judaeus, however, it is believed by scholars that this is not the case. The book itself consists of a retelling of the Hebrew Bible (from Genesis to the end of 1 Samuel), narrating Biblical history from Adam to Saul.

This book has 242 pages in the PDF version. This translation was originally published in 1917.

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Excerpt from 'The Biblical Antiquities of Philo'

I.  The beginning of the world. Adam begat three sons and one daughter, Cain, Noaba, Abel and Seth.

2. And Adam lived after he begat Seth 700 yearsand begat 12 sons and 8 daughters.

3. And these are the names of the males: Eliseel, Suris, Elamiel, Brabal, Naat, Zarama, Zasam, Maathal, and Anath.

4. And these are his daughters: Phua, Iectas, Arebica, Sifa, Tecia, Saba, Asin.

5. And Seth lived 105 years and begat EnosAnd Seth lived after he begat Enos 707 years, and begat 3 sons and 2 daughters.

6. And these are the names of his sons: Elidia, Phonna, and Matha: and of his daughters, Malida and Thila.

7. And Enos lived 180 years and begat CainanAnd Enos lived after he begat Cainan 715 years, and begat 2 sons and a daughter.

8. And these are the names of his sons: Phoë and Thaal; and of the daughter, Catennath.

9. And Cainan lived 520 years and begat Malalech. And Cainan lived after he begat Malalech 730 years, and begat 3 sons and 2 daughters.

10. And these are the names of the males: Athach, Socer, Lopha: and the names of the daughters, Ana and Leua.

11. And Malalech lived 165 years and begat Jareth. And Malalech lived after he begat Jareth 730 years, and begat 7 sons and 5 daughters.

12. And these are the names of the males: Leta, Matha, Cethar, Melie, Suriel, Lodo, Othim. And these are the names of the daughters: Ada and Noa, Iebal, Mada, Sella.

13. And Jareth lived 172 years and begat EnochAnd Jareth lived after he begat Enoch 800 years and begat 4 sons and 2 daughters.

14. And these are the names of the males: Lead, Anac, Soboac and Iectar: and of the daughters, Tetzeco, Lesse.

15. And Enoch lived 165 years and begat Matusalam. And Enoch lived after he begat Matusalam 200 years, and begat 5 sons and 3 daughters.

16. But Enoch pleased God at that time and was not found, for God translated him.

17. Now the names of his sons are: Anaz, Zeum, Achaun, Pheledi, Elith; and of the daughters, Theiz, Lefith, Leath.

18. And Mathusalam lived 187 years and begot Lamech. And Mathusalam lived after he begat Lamech 782 years, and begot 2 sons and 2 daughters.

19. And these are the names of the males: Inab and Rapho; and of the daughters, Aluma and Amuga.

20. And Lamech lived 182 years and begot a son, and called him according to his nativity Noe, saying: This child will give rest to us and to the earth from those who are therein, upon whom (or in the day when) a visitation shall be made because of the iniquity of their evil deeds.

21. And Lamech lived after he begot Noe 585 years.

22. And Noe lived 300 years and begot 3 sons,

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