The Arcot, Morey, and Wade Trilogy

John Wood Campbell

The Arcot, Morey, and Wade Trilogy, by John Wood Campbell - click to see full size image

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The Arcot, Morey, and Wade Trilogy is a trilogy of science fiction novels by John Wood Campbell, starring a trio of heroes, Arcot, Morey and Wade. This edition includes, The Black Star Passes (in 2126, scientists Arcot and Morey embark on a pursuit of a sky pirate, leading to the invention of groundbreaking technology that enables space travel. The heroes journey to Venus and successfully establish communication with extraterrestrial life forms, but then have to defend the solar system against hostile invaders.), Islands of Space (in which our heros create a spaceship that can help them explore new galaxies), and, Invaders from the Infinite (set in the year 2129 when a doglike alien race ask our heros to help them defend their solar system). The author was the editor of Astounding Science Fiction, and also wrote 'Who Goes There?' which was later adapted as the famous film, The Thing in 1982.

This book has 202,311 words, 368 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published between 1957-1961 (copyright was not renewed).

Production notes: This ebook of The Arcot, Morey, and Wade Trilogy was published by Global Grey on the 20th April 2020, and updated on the 22nd March 2023. The artwork used for the cover is 'Space Fight' - AI generated image.

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