Book: Across the Years
Author: Eleanor H. Porter

Across the Years By Eleanor H. Porter

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 165
Publication Date: 1923

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A collection of charming and insightful short stories from Eleanor H. Porter, best known for the widely acclaimed novel Pollyanna. Touching on an array of engaging subjects and timeless themes, these stories showcase Porter's gift for crafting memorable characters that often find themselves in unusual or trying circumstances. Chapters include: When Father and Mother Rebelled; Jupiter Ann; The Axminster Path; Phineas and the Motor Car; The Most Wonderful Woman; The Price of a Pair of Shoes; The Long Road; A Couple of Capitalists; In the Footsteps of Katy; The Bridge Across the Years; For Jimmy; A Summons Home; The Black Silk Gowns; A Belated Honeymoon; When Aunt Abby Waked Up; Wristers for Three; The Giving Thanks of Cyrus and Huldah; and, A New England Idol.

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