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The Trial of Christ By David K. Breed

The Trial of Christ

David K. Breed

Available in PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook, or read online. This book has 48 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1948 (copyright wasn't renewed on time).


The Trial of Christ is a book by Missouri attorney David K. Breed, published in 1948 (copyright wasn't renewed on time). Here, the author presents the case of Christ, and whether he could have avoided being crucified. The conclusion is no, because it was meant to be, but before that, Breed points out major discrepancies between Jewish and Roman legal procedures and the gospel accounts. For instance, the Sanhedrin, the Jewish supreme court, would never have met on the Sabbath, nor condemned a man to death on the same day as his trial. Roman law also gave defendants many rights we now take for granted, such as the right to a public trial, and to cross-examine witnesses, which were not followed either. Definitely a book that makes you think, and wonder if the gospel narratives regarding the actions of the Sanhedrin, were used to stir up anti-Semetic feeling.

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