Some Thoughts Concerning Education

John Locke

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Some Thoughts Concerning Education is a book by English philosopher John Locke. First published in 1693, it was originally written as a response to his friends, Mary Clarke and her husband Edward, who came to Locke asking for advice on raising their son. Locke responded with a series of letters that eventually became Some Thoughts Concerning Education. It went on to become the most influential works on educational philosophy in England for over a century. In the book, Locke discusses the importance of a practical education, consisting of introductions to topics like reading and maths via game-like approaches, exposure to foreign languages, exercise, rhetoric, and the importance of instilling a sense of virtue. Despite the book being written for a boy, it is clear that Locke believed that education should essentially be the same for both sexes, writing that this education "will not so perfectly suit the education of daughters; though where the difference of sex requires different treatment, it will be no hard matter to distinguish".

Part of the Harvard Classics set.

This book has 77,941 words, 102 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1693.

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