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A collection of short works by the French philosopher, Voltaire. Includes: André Des Touches in Siam; The Blind As Judges of Color; The Clergyman and His Soul; A Conversation With a Chinese; Memnon the Philosopher; Plato’s Dream; An Adventure in India; Bababec; Ancient Faith and Fable; The Two Comforters; Dialogue Between Marcus Aurelius and a Recollet Friar; Dialogue Between a Brahmin and a Jesuit; Dialogues Between Lucretius and Posidonius; Dialogue Between a Client and His Lawyer; Dialogue Between Madame De Maintenon and Mdlle. De L’enclos; Dialogue Between a Savage and a Bachelor of Arts; and, A Treatise on Toleration.

This book has 158 pages in the PDF version. This edition was taken from the Works of Voltaire, translated by William F. Fleming, 1901.

Production notes: This ebook of Short Works was published by Global Grey in 2020.

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