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Sartor Resartus

Thomas Carlyle

Sartor Resartus, by Thomas Carlyle - click to see full size image

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Sartor Resartus: The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdröckh, takes the form of a long review by a man known only as the 'Editor', of the fictional German book Clothes, Their Origin and Influence by the fictional philosopher Diogenes Teufelsdröckh. He struggles to understand and explain the book, even though he claims to know the author. Getting more and more frustrated at the book he's supposed to be reviewing, he then receives a large load of paper scraps which are fragments of an autobiography of Teufelsdröckh.

This book has 223 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published 1833-1834.

Production notes: This e-book of Sartor Resartus was published by Global Grey in 2019.

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