Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather

Charles W. Upham

Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather, by Charles W. Upham - click to see full size image

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From the Introduction: 'An article in The North American Review, for April, 1869, is mostly devoted to a notice of the work published by me, in 1867, entitled Salem Witchcraft, with an account of Salem Village, and a history of opinions on witchcraft and kindred subjects. If the article had contained criticisms, in the usual style, merely affecting the character of that work, in a literary point of view, no other duty would have devolved upon me, than carefully to consider and respectfully heed its suggestions.'

This book has 217 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1869.

Production notes: This ebook of Salem Witchcraft and Cotton Mather was published by Global Grey in 2019.

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