Book: On Astronomical Geomancy
Author: Gerardus Cremonensis

On Astronomical Geomancy By Gerardus Cremonensis

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Pages (PDF): 18
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Gerard of Cremona (Latin: Gerardus Cremonensis; c. 1114 – 1187) was an Italian translator of scientific books from Arabic into Latin. This is a short tract covering the twelve houses of astrology. Not really knowing about these things, I'm not sure why the title mentions Astronomy and the contents, Astrology, but there you go. I'm sure people who understand this sort of thing will get it though.

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Because Astronomy is so transcendent and subtil an Art in itself, that therein a man ought to have respect unto so many things before he can attaine to true judgment thereby, because the eye of the understanding will not pierce unto the half thereof, and few Doctors of our later time have been found so experienced therein that they know sufficiently how to judge thereby; Therefore I have composed this work, which I wilt have to be named, Astronomical Geomancy; wherein, I will sufficiently teach how to judge with less labour and study. For in this present science it is not requisite to behold neither the Ascendant, nor the hour in a Table, as it is in Astrology.

It is expedient therefore, to make four unequal lines, by the points casually set down; and to joyne together those points; and out of the points which are not joyned together, which do remain in the heads of the lines, (as it is done in Geomancie) extract one figure; and the signe of the Zodiack that answereth to that figure, put for the Ascendent, for the words sake. If Acquisitio arise from the heads of those four Lines, let Aries be placed in the Ascendent; if Laetitia, or the lesser Fortune put Taurus in the Ascendent; if Puer or Rubeus, place Gemini; If Albus, Cancer; if Via, Leo; if Conjunctio or the Dragons Head, Virgo; if Puella, Libra; if Amissio or Tristitia, Scorpio; if the Dragons Tail, Sagittary; if Populus, Capricorn; if Fortuna major, Aquary; if Carcer, then put Pisces for the Ascendent. Afterwards in the second House, let that signe be placed which immediately succeeds the other. In the third House the third Signe, and so place the rest in order until you come unto the end of the Signes; and make one square figure divided into twelve equal parts, and therein place the Signes in order, as it is in Astrology, and as you may finde them in this figure: neither are we here to regard the witnesses, or Judge, or any other thing, which belongs to Geo-mancie; but onely the sixteen Figures, that by them we may have the twelve Signes, to which they agree; and observe the maner of the Figure as it is here placed.

Afterwards it is requisite to make four Lines by course for every Planet, by points casually pricked down; and likewise for the Dragons Head, as you have done for the Ascendent, and divide those points by twelve; and that which remaineth above twelve, or the twelfth itself, if a greater number doth not remain, retaine, and the Planet for which the projection was made, place in that House of which the superabounding number shall be; that is, if there remain twelve, let the Planet be placed in the twelfth House; if ten, in the tenth House; if one, in the first House; if two, in the second House; and so of the rest. And you ought alwayes to begin from the Sun, and afterwards from the Moon, then from Venus and Mercury, and from Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, and the Dragons Head and Dragons Tail; but you must alwayes take heed that you do not make a question in a rainy, cloudy, or a very windy season, or when thou art angry, or thy minde busied with many affairs; nor for tempters or deriders, neither that you may renew and reiterate the same Question again under the same figure or forme; for that is error.

Questions of the first House.

If you are desirous to know concerning the life of any man whether it shall be long or short, behold the Lord of the Ascendent, who if he be in strong Angles, it signifies long life; in succedents, a middle age; and in cadent Houses, a short life; and if he be in strong Angles, he signifies greater years; if in Succedents, meaner years; if in Cadents, lesser years. The lesser years of Saturn are thirty, the meaner are forty four years, and the greater fifty eight. The lesser years of Jupiter are twelve, the meaner years forty, and the greater accordingly are forty seven. The lesser years of Mars are fifteen, his meane years forty, and the greater years forty seven. The lesser years of the Sun are nineteen, his mean years forty five, and his greater years eighty two. The lesser years of Venus are eight, her mean years forty five, and her greater years eighty two. Mercury's lesser years are twenty, his mean years forty nine, and his greater years eighty. The lesser years of the Moon are fifteen, her mean years thirty nine, and her greater years a hundred and seven. And also look if Mars or Saturn shall be in the first House, and the Lord of the eighth with them; and if the Sun shall be in the eighth, the Querent shall not live: likewise if the Lord of the Ascendent shall happen to be void of course, and Mars be in the eighth, the Querent shall not live; but if the Sun and the Moon shall be in conjunction in the seventh House, and Venus in the second, he shall live well.