Book: Native Life in South Africa
Author: Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje

Native Life in South Africa By Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje

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Pages (PDF): 356
Publication Date: -

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Chapters include: A Retrospect; The Grim Struggle between Right and Wrong, and the Latter Carries the Day; The Natives' Land Act; One Night with the Fugitives; Another Night with the Sufferers; Our Indebtedness to White Women; Persecution of Coloured Women in the Orange Free State; At Thaba Ncho: A Secretarial Fiasco; IX The Fateful 13; Dr. Abdurahman, President of the A.P.O. / Dr. A. Abdurahman, M.P.C.; The Natives' Land Act in Cape Colony; The Passing of Cape Ideals; Mr. Tengo-Jabavu, the Pioneer Native Pressman; The Native Congress and the Union Government; The Kimberley Congress / The Kimberley Conference; The Appeal for Imperial Protection; The London Press and the Natives' Land Act; The P.S.A. and Brotherhoods; Armed Natives in the South African War; The South African Races and the European War; Coloured People's Help Rejected / The Offer of Assistance by the South African Coloured Races Rejected; The South African Boers and the European War; The Boer Rebellion; and Piet Grobler.