Book: A Modern Theory of Ethics
Author: W. Olaf Stapledon

A Modern Theory of Ethics By W. Olaf Stapledon

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 247
Publication Date: 1929

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Chapters include: The Need for Ethics; Self-Fulfilment as the Ground of Ethics; Criticism of the Self-Fulfilment Theory; Pleasure as Constitutive of Good; Good as an Unique Quality; Teleology in Ethics; Tendency in Physics and Biology; Tendency in Psychology; Psychical Conflict; Objective Activity as the Ground of Ethics; Determinism and Free Will; Essentials of the Concrete Ideal; Reality and Admiration; Moral Zeal, Disillusion, and Ecstasy; and, Ecstasy and Ethical Theory.

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