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The Masters and the Path of Occultism

Gottfried de Purucker

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The Masters and the Path of Occultism is a book by Theosophist Gottfried de Purucker. Chapters include; Who Are the Masters?; How the Masters Obtain Their Wisdom; Teachings of the Masters; The Secret Doctrine of the Ages; What Is Occultism?; The Mystery-Schools and Initiation; and, The Sacred Seasons.

This book has 33 pages in the PDF version.

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Excerpt from 'The Masters and the Path of Occultism'

We now see just what these Mahatmans are: evolved men, men who have in evolution run ahead of the multitude of the races of mankind who have preceded us. They are men who have brought forth the powers and capacities of the inner god of which each human being is but a feeble expression at present. They are the great philosophers, the great leaders of men, the great thinkers, those who have swayed the hearts of multitudes and have captured their minds with the majesty and splendor of true thought.

Think of man's intellect gaging the ways of the stars probing into the very womb of Space, counting the atoms in a particle of physical substance, drawing up philosophies and sciences and religions which have shaken the very souls of other men! This is indeed godlike; this is indeed more than mere genius; this verily is the working of the Divine Flame within.

Look again at the love which fills man's spiritual being, if he only will give it room therein: love which embraces within its compass the entirety of all things, the spaces of Boundless Space! What a divine faculty love is; what a divine energy it is! Think again of compassion and pity and our instinctive sense of friendliness and brotherhood. Think of men's yearning for peace, for harmony!

All these are godlike qualities. They are divine qualities. It is an alliance with one or more of these inner faculties which makes man great, which makes him a genius, which makes him able to shake the hearts and move the minds of his fellow-men. For when he is allied with this Divine Flame it sweeps through him and sways him, and then you can see it expressing itself in all the being of the man who shows it. He then forgets himself utterly as a personality. He then lives in the Boundless. He loses all thought of his personal being, and lives in Eternity. For during such times of illumination his consciousness has taken unto itself cosmic reaches, and he feels with the vibrations of the atoms in farthest Sirius, and vibrates sympathetically by reaction to the movements of the Polar Star. This is no mere poetical phraseology; it is actual truth.

The Mahatmans are highly evolved men, controlling powers over Nature's forces which they have gained through self-directed evolution during many, many, many lives in the near and distant past. Now they are become Masters of life; in former ages they were men like you and me. In future ages they will become gods, just indeed as we shall all of us so become, when the destiny of the human race shall on this planet have reached its furthermost end for the present cosmic period of evolution; because within each one of us there is the individual's own indwelling inner god, the source of all that is great in us; and evolution is simply bringing out or unfolding what the man already and now has 'within' him -- or 'above' him.

There is naught that is weird about these Great Men. They are the sanest men on earth, the gentlest, the kindliest, the most pitiful, the most compassionate, the most brotherly, and the most peaceful and the wisest, the strongest and the purest, the noblest and the greatest. They do not stand, all of them, on the same step of the ladder of evolutionary progress. Some of them are very great, very high, others less so, others less so still. Then next in turn there are their chelas or pupils, men who are striving to become like unto their Masters, and who are a step or two or three ahead of the average man; and then we the average men find our place in the scale. Thus, our Masters of Wisdom and Compassion, the Elder Brothers of the Race, have simply preceded us or run ahead of us in evolutionary development. All of us shall be Masters of Wisdom and Compassion some day. Those who are such at present are simply those who are ahead of the multitude of humanity.

They are active in the world all the time. Their agents are active always and everywhere. Their influence is always for good, always for brotherhood, always for kindliness among men, always for peace, always for progress and the gaining of a greater light, always for the things which give to men's hearts high hope and courage, and to their minds inspiration and love and rest. But this is not the rest which is mere negative repose or sleep; it is, on the contrary, the rest which comes from the harmonious working of all one's functions and faculties -- spiritual, intellectual, ethical, vital, and physical.

Sometimes they awaken men when men have fallen to sleeping, to spiritual and intellectual inertia, and resting in the smug satisfaction of physical comforts. They then begin to call forth the soul of men, that fiery flame which stirs and moves within us and leads us to deeds of greatness and to imagination of sublime things. Yea, then they stir up conditions so that men shall awaken and begin again to recognise the call from within, the call of the inner god.

They are our 'Elder Brothers' because they watch over us as an elder brother watches over his younger brother. They are our 'Teachers' because they teach us through the ages; they instruct us and guide us. They are our 'Masters,' because we are their pupils. It matters not that the pupil does not always recognise his teacher. In things of the spirit, and in things of the mind, these Great Ones always follow the best path, the efficient path. They work through other men as their agents whom they have chosen from out the multitude and who themselves are, relatively speaking, Great Men, but in less degree, and who become the pupils of these Greater Ones.

The ancient teachings of Wisdom which have come down to modern men from immemorial time have been voiced and taught and formulated and cast like thought-seeds into the minds of men by the great Seers and Sages of all the past ages. These Sages and Seers are what the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, called 'Superior Men,' superhuman men; and what the Greek philosopher Plato called 'Godlike Men'; and what we in our own pragmatical European age would call 'highly evolved men,' or 'supermen,' perhaps.

Production notes: This edition of The Masters and the Path of Occultism was published by Global Grey ebooks on the 11th April 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'The Christ of Silence' by Odilon Redon.

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