Book: Life of Chopin
Author: Franz Liszt

Life of Chopin By Franz Liszt

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 126
Publication Date: This revised edition, translated by Martha Walker Cook, 1880

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Frederic Chopin, a Polish virtuoso pianist and piano composer of the Romantic period, is widely regarded as the greatest Polish composer, and one of the most influential composers for piano in the 19th century. Franz Liszt was a Hungarian composer and virtuoso pianist of the 19th century. This book is not so much a biography of Chopin as it is a way of better understanding Liszt and the circumstances of his time. Though critics of Liszt's book have assailed it for various literary infractions, it is not without merit. There is much to be learned within its pages about both Chopin and Liszt.

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