Book: Ideas of Good and Evil
Author: William Butler Yeats

Ideas of Good and Evil By William Butler Yeats

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 143
Publication Date: 1903

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Chapters include: What Is 'Popular Poetry'?; Speaking To The Psaltery; Magic; The Happiest Of The Poets; The Philosophy Of Shelley's Poetry; At Stratford-On-Avon; William Blake And The Imagination; William Blake And His Illustrations To The Divine Comedy; Symbolism In Painting; The Symbolism Of Poetry; The Theatre; The Celtic Element In Literature; The Autumn Of The Body; The Moods; The Body Of; The Father Christian Rosencrux; The Return Of Ulysses; Ireland And The Arts; The Galway Plains; and, Emotion Of Multitude.