Georgian Folk Tales

Marjory Wardrop

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This is a collection of folk tales by Marjorie Wardrop, taken from the nation of Georgia. Many of the motifs of these stories are also found in other European folklore. Comprised of three parts: Georgian Folk Tales, which includes such stories as: The Good-For-Nothing; The Frog's Skin; Fate; Ghvthisavari (I Am Of God); The Serpent And The Peasant; Gulambara And Sulambara; The Two Brothers; The Prince; Conkiajgharuna; Asphurtzela; The Shepherd And The Child Of Fortune, and more - Mingrelian Tales, which includes stories such as: Kazha-Ndii; The Story Of Geria, The Poor Man's Son; The Prince Who Befriended The Beasts; The Cunning Old Man And The Demi; Sanartia; The Shepherd Judge, and more - and, Gurian Folk Tales, which includes such stories as: The Strong Man And The Dwarf; The Grasshopper And The Ant; The Countryman And The Merchant; The King And The Sage; The King's Son; Teeth And No-Teeth; The Queen's Whim, and more.

This book has 149 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1894.

Production notes: This ebook of Georgian Folk Tales was published by Global Grey in 2019.

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