Book: Georgian Folk Tales
Author: Marjory Wardrop

Georgian Folk Tales By Marjory Wardrop

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 149
Publication Date: 1894

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This is a collection of folk tales from the nation of Georgia by Marjorie Wardrop. Many of the motifs of these stories are also found in other European folklore. Comprised of three parts: Georgian Folk Tales, which includes such stories as: The Good-For-Nothing; The Frog's Skin; Fate; Ghvthisavari (I Am Of God); The Serpent And The Peasant; Gulambara And Sulambara; The Two Brothers; The Prince; Conkiajgharuna; Asphurtzela; The Shepherd And The Child Of Fortune, and more - Mingrelian Tales, which includes stories such as: Kazha-Ndii; The Story Of Geria, The Poor Man's Son; The Prince Who Befriended The Beasts; The Cunning Old Man And The Demi; Sanartia; The Shepherd Judge, and more - and, Gurian Folk Tales, which includes such stories as: The Strong Man And The Dwarf; The Grasshopper And The Ant; The Countryman And The Merchant; The King And The Sage; The King's Son; Teeth And No-Teeth; The Queen's Whim, and more.