Book: Fifty Years in the Church of Rome
Author: Charles Chiniquy

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome By Charles Chiniquy

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Pages (PDF): 753
Publication Date: 1886

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Charles P. Chiniquy was a high-profile, Canadian Catholic priest who left the Roman Catholic Church and became a Presbyterian minister. After doing so, he made various claims such as that the church was pagan, that Roman Catholics worship the Virgin Mary, that its theology spoils the Gospel and that its theology is anti-Christian. He also claimed that the Vatican had planned to take over the United States by importing Catholic immigrants from Ireland, Germany and France. He dedicated his life to trying to win his fellow French Canadians, as well as others, from Catholicism to the Protestant faith. He wrote a number of books and tracts pointing out his views on the alleged errors in the faith and practises of the Roman Catholic Church.