Book: Death and its Mystery
Author: Camille Flammarion

Death and its Mystery By Camille Flammarion

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 306
Publication Date: 1922

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Volume I in a series that looks at life beyond the grave. Published in 1922, this book searches for proof of the existence of the soul. Lots of personal accounts. Chapters include: The Greatest Of Problems – Can It Actually Be Solved?; Materialism – An Erroneous, Incomplete, And Insufficient Doctrine; What Is Man? Does The Soul Exist?; Supra-Normal Faculties Of The Soul, Unknown Or Little Understood; The Will, Acting Without The Spoken Word, Without A Sign, And At A Distance; Telepathy And Psychic Transmissions At A Distance; Vision Without Eyes – The Spirit’s Vision, Exclusive Of Telepathic Transmissions; The Sight Of Future Events; The Present Future; The Already Seen; and, Knowledge Of The Future.