Book: Darkwater, Voices from Within the Veil
Author: William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

Darkwater, Voices from Within the Veil By William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

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Pages (PDF): 193
Publication Date: 1920

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Darkwater: Voices From Within the Veil incorporates autobiographical information as well as essays, spirituals, and poems. Several of its essays are personal in nature, with obvious emotional rhetoric. The style maintains a religious tone and his spirituality is a common thread in many of the individual essays. Described in varying tones of black and brown, a Christ-like figure of racial hope is prevalent, signifying the coming moment of racial confrontation and eventual salvation. In his chapter called "The Damnation of Women," Du Bois seeks to elevate women by acknowledging their labor in the home, the workplace and the black church. The chapter has been described as one of the first proto-feminist analyses by a male intellectual.