Crime, Its Cause And Treatment

Clarence Darrow

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Crime, Its Cause And Treatment is a book written by prominent American lawyer and civil rights advocate Clarence Darrow, first published in 1922. The book is a collection of Darrow's essays and speeches on the topic of crime and the criminal justice system. In the book, Darrow argues that crime is largely a result of social and economic conditions, rather than individual moral failings. He suggests that poverty, inequality, and lack of education are the root causes of crime, and that punishment alone is not an effective solution. Darrow also critiques the criminal justice system, arguing that it is often unjust and discriminatory towards marginalized groups. He advocates for more lenient sentences and greater emphasis on rehabilitation and social support for offenders. Throughout the book, Darrow shares his experiences as a criminal defense attorney, highlighting the flaws and injustices of the legal system.

This book has 65,508 words, 112 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1922.

Production notes: This ebook of Crime, Its Cause And Treatment was published by Global Grey on the 28th April 2023. The artwork used for the cover is 'Appointment of a Prisoner with his Family' by Vasily Petrovich Vereshchagin.

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