Coffee in the Gourd

J. Frank Dobie

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Coffee in the Gourd is a book by J. Frank Dobie, first published in 1923. It is a compilation of folklore initially released by the Texas Folk-lore Society in 1923 and later reprinted in 1935. It showcases the rich cultural tapestry of Texas, encompassing narratives from African-American, Tejano, German, and Native American traditions. Notably, it features an interview with W.C. Handy, renowned as 'the father of the blues,' whose lyrics presage elements found in notable rock compositions of the 1960s. The articles within range in tone from scholarly to amateurish. It's important to note that the original text is presented verbatim, reflecting the attitudes and language of its time and place. Some terms and characterizations used may be considered highly offensive by contemporary standards, even within an ethnographic context. Reader discretion is advised.

This book has 30,227 words, 61 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1923.

Production notes: This ebook of Coffee in the Gourd was published by Global Grey on the 5th March 2024. The artwork used for the cover is 'A New Year on the Cimarron' by Frederic Remington.

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