Chronicle of the Kings of England

William of Malmesbury

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William of Malmesbury's Chronicle of the Kings of England (Gesta Regum Anglorum - Deeds of the Kings of the English) is a history of kings of England from the arrival of the Angles, and of the Kings of Kent in A.D. 449 to the reign of King Stephen A.D. 1135. In between, William writes about the kings of the West Saxons, the Northumbrians, the Mercians, and more, and then gets to the point where there were actual kings of the whole of England, starting from the grandson of King Alfred, Aethelstan, and continuing on with kings such as Ethelred, Edmund, Canute, Harold, and William the Conqueror. Considered by some to be one of the best English historians of his time, William was born c.1095 in Wiltshire and spent his adult life as a monk in Malmesbury Abbey. As part of his work he had first hand knowledge of hundreds of books and ammased a collection of histories from medieval times. Indeed, it seems his book was perhaps inspired by the earlier historian, Bede. Whilst criticised by some for his careless arrangement of materials, Malmesbury's Chronicle of the Kings of England remains a very important and celebrated history from the 12th century.

This book has 222,395 words, and 357 pages in the PDF version. This translation by John Allen Giles was originally published in 1847.

Production notes: This ebook of Chronicle of the Kings of England was published by Global Grey on the 4th October 2021. The artwork used for the cover is 'Ethelred the Unready' from The Chronicle of Abindon.

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