Book: The Book of Witches
Author: Oliver Madox Hueffer

The Book of Witches By Oliver Madox Hueffer

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 180
Publication Date: 1909

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Chapters include: On A Possible Revival Of Witchcraft; A Sabbath-General; The Origins Of The Witch; The Half-Way Worlds; The Witch’s Attributes; Some Representative English Witches; The Witch Of Antiquity; The Witch In Greece And Rome; From Paganism To Christianity; The Witch-Bull And Its Effects; The Later Persecutions In England; Persecutions In Scotland; Other Persecutions; Philtres, Charms And Potions; The Witch In Fiction; and, Some Witches Of To-Day.

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