Book: Australian Legendary Tales
Author: Katie Langloh Parker

Australian Legendary Tales By Katie Langloh Parker

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 103
Publication Date: 1897

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This is still one of the best available collections of Australian Aboriginal folklore. It was written for a popular audience, but the stories are retold with integrity, and not filtered, as was the case with similar books from this period. That said, the style of this book reflects Victorian sentimentality and, an occasional tinge of racism that may not sit well with some modern readers.
Tales include: Dinewan The Emu, And Goomblegubbon The Bustard; The Galah, And Oolah The Lizard; Bahloo The Moon And The Daens; The Origin Of The Narran Lake; Gooloo The Magpie, And The Wahroogah; The Weeoonibeens And The Piggiebillah; Bootoolgah The Crane And Goonur The Kangaroo Rat, The Fire Makers; Weedah The Mocking Bird; The Gwineeboos The Redbreasts; and many more.

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