Book: Atlantic Narratives: Modern Short Stories
Author: Various

Atlantic Narratives: Modern Short Stories By Various

Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook
Pages (PDF): 315
Publication Date: 1918

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A collection of 23 stories: The Preliminaries By Cornelia A. P. Comer; Buttercup-Night By John Galsworthy; Hepaticas By Anne Douglas Sedgwick; Possessing Prudence By Amy Wentworth Stone; The Glory-Box By Elizabeth Ashe; The Spirit Of The Herd By Dallas Lore Sharp; In The Pasha's Garden, A Stamboul Night's Entertainment By H. G. Dwight; Little Selves By Mary Lerner; The Failure By Charles Caldwell Dobie; Business Is Business By Henry Seidel Canby; Nothing By Zephine Humphrey; A Moth Of Peace By Katharine Fullerton Gerould; In No Strange Land By Katharine Butler; Little Brother By Madeleine Z. Doty; What Road Goeth He? By F. J. Louriet; The Clearer Sight By Ernest Starr; The Garden Of Memories By C. A. Mercer; The Clearest Voice By Margaret Sherwood; The Marble Child By E. Nesbit; The One Left By E. V. Lucas; The Legacy Of Richard Hughes By Margaret Lynn; Of Water And The Spirit By Margaret Prescott Montague; Mr. Squem By Arthur Russell Taylor; and, Biographical And Interpretative Notes.

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