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Anne Brontë

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Agnes Grey is a novel by Anne Brontë, first published in 1847 under the pen name Acton Bell. The book is the story of Agnes Grey, a young woman who starts working as a governess to prove herself to her family. She begins by working at the Bloomfields, then moves on to the Murrays - both wealthy families. Within both however, Agnes finds herself at odds with the behaviours and morals of either the children or the parents. Comments that were made by Anne's sister Charlotte suggest that the novel is based on Anne's own experiences when she worked as a governess for five years.

Anne was the youngest of the Brontë sisters. Agnes Grey was one of only two novels that she wrote before she died at the age of twenty-nine.

№ 49 in Goodreads 100 Best Nineteenth-Century British and Irish Novels.

This book has 68,276 words, 112 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1847.

Production notes: This ebook of Agnes Grey was published by Global Grey on the 12th July 2018, and updated on the 9th August 2022. The artwork used for the cover is 'Hollyhocks and Sunlight' by Charles Courtney Curran.

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