Yoga and Yoga Discipline, A Theosophical Interpretation

Yoga and Yoga Discipline, A Theosophical Interpretation


Yoga and Yoga Discipline, A Theosophical Interpretation By Charles J. Ryan

Format: Global Grey edition

Pages (PDF): 30

Illustrations: No

Available formats: PDF, epub, Kindle ebook and read online

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Book Description:

“Does the Theosophical Society teach or recommend what are popularly known as yoga practices such as breath control, the development of psychic powers, or astral traveling, for seekers hungry for spiritual wisdom and who long to help humanity?” This natural question is often asked because it is well known that the Theosophical Movement was founded by Oriental teachers and was associated for a short time with certain demonstrations of occult forces, shown to help break down the rampant scientific materialism of the age. The answer is definitely No. Theosophy, indeed, offers a system of spiritual development or discipline suited to all people, regardless of creed or race; and if we like to call it yoga with the proper meaning of “union” or “yoking” with the higher self, it must be remembered that it has no resemblance to the lower psycho-physiological (and frequently commercialized) yoga methods so widely advertised in the West.

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