Book: Vital Magnetic Cure: An Exposition of Vital Magnetism
Author: Unknown

Vital Magnetic Cure: An Exposition of Vital Magnetism By Unknown

Format: Free Scanned PDF
Pages (PDF): 243
Publication Date: 1871

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An Exposition Of Vital Magnetism, And Its Application To The Treatment Of Mental And Physical Disease. From the remotest period of human history the power of mind over mind, and mind over matter has been known. Contents Include: Introduction; The Gift Of Healing; Moral Integrity Of Healers; Unconscious Magnetism; Detrimental Influence; Healing Practiced In All Ages, Condition For Healing, Fitness For The Work; Healer's Peculiar Modes Of Treatment; Diseases Remediable By Magnetism; Nature The Source Of Cure; Clairvoyance; Material And Spiritual Bodies; Psychological Phenomena; Contrast Between Medicine And Magnetism; Hygienic Suggestions; Animal Magnetism; Biblical Account Of Vital Magnetism; and, Conclusion.